Ottawa Kennel Club May 29th and 30th

Greenstone Pearl Keeper at five weeks
Ottawa Kennel Club

May 29th-CKC All-Breed Judge Michel Bouchand

Greenstone Sweet Dreams-BOB

May 30th-CKC All-Breed Judge Joe Lobb

Greenstone Grima Gloa-BOB -Cut in Group

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Arnprior May 8th and 9th 2010

Arnprior Kennel Club

May 8th- William Byrne CKC All-Breed Judge

Greenstone Grima Gloa -BOB -Made Cut in Group

Greenstone Sweet Dreams -BOS

May 9th- Sharon Dernick CKC All-Breed Judge
Greenstone Grima Gloa-BOB
Greenstone Sweet Dreams-BOS
Free stack photo taken morning of May 9th as we were getting ready to head out to the show!

Iberville QC -Greenstone Grima Gloa BOB

Iberville QC May 2nd

CKC All-Breed Judge Avery Gaudin

Greenstone Grima Gloa -BOB

Greenstone Sweet Dreams-BOS

Sherbrooke QC-Greenstone Grima Gloa -BOB

Sherbrooke QC, -April 9th
CKC All-Breed Judge- Thomas Nesbitt

Greenstone Grima Gloa-BOB
Greenstone Ada-Reserve Female

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